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Firearm-Specific Legacy Planning

Included in the Trusts & Estates Professional and Elite memberships, Gun Docx is cloud-based document-drafting software that provides a comprehensive approach to firearms trusts and conventional and National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms planning. With regularly updated templates, you can quickly, easily, and accurately offer firearms planning and draft traditional gun trusts and NFA firearms trusts for your clients.
Peace of Mind for You and Your Clients

How can Gun Docx help your practice?

Firearms are different from other types of tangible personal property, as possession and transfer create a risk of criminal liability under federal and state law if done incorrectly. Gun Docx gives you the resources and tools to help educate your clients on how to avoid accidental felonies and ensure their firearms are properly handed down to the next generation.

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World-Class Features

Easily customize and create drafting templates to fit the needs of your clients and practice.
Design documents to meet each client’s unique circumstances using guided interviews.
Use the Scenarios feature to create a design template for specific or frequently encountered fact patterns.
Draft confidently knowing that the software is updated with the latest legal language and enhanced functionality.
Incorporate preferred provisions or recommended statutory references for selected states.


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