Wealth Docx® Complete Software


Comprehensive Drafting

Included in the Trusts & Estates Professional and Elite memberships, Wealth Docx Complete is cloud-based document drafting software that allows you to create estate planning documents anywhere, on any device. With interactive templates for drafting basic to complex wills and trusts, plus the most comprehensive suite of solutions for charitable planning, asset protection, and retirement, Wealth Docx Complete has everything you need to draft confidently, competently, and efficiently.


World-Class Features

Easily customize and create drafting templates to fit the needs of your clients and practice.
Design documents to meet each client’s unique circumstances using guided interviews.
Use the Scenarios feature to create a design template for specific or frequently encountered fact patterns.
Draft confidently knowing that the software is updated with the latest legal language and enhanced functionality.
Incorporate preferred provisions or recommended statutory references for selected states.

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Documents Included

The following is a sampling of the drafting documents included in the Complete version of Wealth Docx. You can download a pdf that outlines documents included in Core and Complete versions of Wealth Docx.

Complete Version

Will System
  • Wills with and without tax-sensitive planning
  • Client portfolio inserts, instructions, and will summary
  • Ancillary documents, including durable power of attorney, medical directive, HIPAA authorization, anatomical gift form, and affidavit
Living Trust System
  • Individual, joint, and pour-over revocable trusts
  • Funding instructions
  • Comprehensive interview questionnaire
  • Estate tax and generation-skipping transfer tax planning utilizing disclaimers, Clayton election, and formula funding
  • Continuing and testamentary trusts for beneficiaries
  • Comprehensive charitable planning, including testamentary charitable trust and private foundation
  • Trust protector provisions
  • Conduit trust provisions for retirement accounts
  • Ancillary documents, including pour-over will, power of attorney, and property agreement
Client Letters Suite
  • Spousal conflict waiver
  • Initial client letters
  • Intake worksheet and comprehensive interview questionnaire
  • Engagement and disengagement letters
  • Invoices
Trust Protector Supporting Documents
  • Documents for exercising trust protector powers
  • Documents for the appointment, removal, replacement, or resignation of trust protectors
Irrevocable Trust System
  • Individual and joint irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT)
  • Domestic asset protection trust (DAPT) (Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota)
  • Third-party DAPT (aka hybrid DAPT)
  • Gifting trust
  • Trust protector provisions
  • Health and education exclusion trust (HEET)
  • Inheritor's trust (BETIR, BDIT, BDGT)
  • Intentionally defective grantor trust (IDGT)
  • IDGT gift and sale documents
  • 2503(c) minor's trust
  • Ancillary documents, including certificate of trust, demand right notification, trustee resignation and removal, promissory note, and client letters and enclosures
Charitable Planning System
  • Charitable remainder trust (CRAT, CRUT, NICRUT, NIMCRUT, FLIP-CRUT)
  • Charitable lead trust (CLAT, CLUT)
  • Private foundations, corporate and trust
  • Ancillary documents, including gift agreement, gift annuity agreement, life estate reserved deed, maintenance and ownership agreement, and certificate of trust
Retirement Planning System
  • Standalone retirement trust
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Ancillary documents
Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust System
  • Lifetime Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) trust
  • Ancillary documents, including QTIP certificate of trust, and trustee removal and replacement
Qualified Personal Residence Trust System
  • Qualified personal residence trust (QPRT)
  • Ancillary documents, including QPRT certificate of trust, and trustee removal and replacement
Grantor Retained Trust System
  • Grantor retained trust (GRAT, GRUT, GRIT)
  • Ancillary documents, including GRT certificate of trust, and trustee removal and replacement


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